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The Many Aspects of Retaining Wall Design

retaining wall design king 00A retaining wall is a structural wall that is used to retain soil. Landscapers use these types of walls to properly transition between different grade heights on your property.

When designing a landscape for your home you must consider the different slopes of your property. A slope gives us a chance to create different ground levels using landscape walls.

We can create landscaping features such as a stairway with flowerbeds on both sides that can be used to transition different areas of your property. At the heart of our mission we strive to deliver a superior customer experience that is driven by our commitment to excellence. 

Why Landscape Wall

stone retaining walls king 0Having a landscape retaining wall acts as a focal point on your property and can significantly increase the value of a home. A well-placed wall can deliver a major aesthetic upgrade while providing a functional addition to your property.

Retaining wall construction is used when soil on two different elevations have to be bound together or the landscape has to be appropriately shaped as per the requirements of our customers.

Providing customers with tried and tested products, outstanding workmanship and most importantly, listening to the needs and goals of our customers is what sets us apart from our competitors.

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Stone Retaining Walls

block retaining walls king 01Stone Retaining Walls also known as “Armor Stone” is a large, thick, heavy rock that is used to create a Wall. This type of wall has a beautiful aesthetic look and is extremely durable and strong.

We source our natural stone from top suppliers and the walls we build are able to withstand the weight of the soil behind them.

As a top landscape contractor we ensure that there is proper drainage behind our walls so that the increased weight of wet soil or heaving due to frost does not threaten the wall. We use a Geotextile tie back system to add strength and stability to the structure.

Unlike our competitors we build retaining walls that will withstand extreme weather without ever shifting. Extended durability of the walls built by our staff has made us leaders in the landscaping industry in King, ON.

Block Retaining Walls

landscape wall king 1Blocks retaining walls are strong, sturdy and able to take a lot of pressure behind them. These types of block walls use a locking flange which helps with the strength of the wall.

First we discuss the project with our customers, then we come up with a landscape plan that shows important aspects of the retaining wall construction.

We also like to tie back our walls using a geotextile system that gives additional durability. Once we finalize the landscape design with our customers we begin building the retaining wall design. 

stone retaining walls designer king 2 Retaining Wall Design & Installation We provide custom retaining wall construction services in King, ON. Let us create a professional and unique stone retaining wall design for your landscape.

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Retaining Wall Construction in King, ON

Our commitment is to provide every customer with exceptional quality and workmanship. Our team provides undivided focus on each project, allowing us to exceed customers’ expectations and build a trusting relationship.

Providing customers with this type of experience builds a relationship that will continue even after the project is complete. We believe that strong collaboration with the customer is the prime ingredient of our success.

retaining wall construction king 2A Retaining Wall design installed by us is built to blend in with the overall architectural aesthetics of its surroundings. Our Walls: 

– are durable and require low maintenance
– are built with proper compaction & drainage
– are built using a geotextile tie back system
– are built using only high quality materials
– can be installed quickly & are affordable

Best Retaining Wall Design Services in the GTA

custom retaining wall design king 3We have become a leader in the landscaping industry ” a goal we have been working toward since the beginning.

Every customer has a vision about how they want their home to look. We are committed to working with you and offering our expertise so that you can achieve your vision in the most cost-efficient and functional way.

Providing customers with this type of experience builds a relationship that will continue even after the project is complete.

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